anatolian festival

was really cool! they recreated a lot of the cities there and the food was good too, they also had a lot of cultural things for people to buy, i bought this ring made out of glass that this glass blower did on site i laaaaaawwvv it.

here are some pics from today:

rare tan can kitty, i think that's what it's called, it has two different colored eyes, so cute

it was such a beautiful day.

there was this dude that twirled the WHOLE SONG it was nuts,
i guess he's called a whirling dervishes

another set of traditional dancers

some of the set up cities

the glass blower that i got my ring from

handmade wooden envelope openers and pipes, really pretty=really expensive lol

handmade wooden plates and such

the stuff people made was really cool, and most of the time
they were actually making the stuff on site, it was really interesting how artistic they are
i was going to buy this cool water art painting but decided on trying it
out for myself lol.

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