Bryans bday =]

Man his birthday was such a busy day for me! I literally woke up at 7am to put the clues around the apartment for his scavenger hunt lol. Then I had a rush event, and then dinner and afterparty. It was all good though he was happy about his present I got him, which were two tickets to a Jason Mraz concert next weekend =]. Here's some pics of the night:

birthday boy fiddling with his camera
pretty much an hour wait to eat, =/

I stuck the tickets under his seat and chelsea gave him his last scavenger hint lol
yes that is what you think it is lol.
yummy rainbow cake I made the day before, people were so surprised! lol


flightlessbird said...

omg! the cake looks amazing!! i wish i had a piece :]

later love, Kat

Kaz said...

i agree! that cake looks amazing! totally craving cake now, thanks for that! :P

looks like you guys had a really fun night! except for the waiting an hour for dinner that would have been a bummer!!
i love the top you're wearing too! xo

mango said...

thanks guys!


argh...the cake looks so tempting. yum.
anyway, happy birthday for your boyf.
I guess, he's so much thankful for having you as his girlfriend..:)

Courtney O. said...

how'd you make that awesome design? it's gorgeous. give me some yummy cake.