Sunday Brunch

Thrifted little boys shirt, old tank top from the Philippines, Thrifted little kids khaki's, Vintage belt, Steve Madden oxfords

If you can't already tell, me and bryan like to eat. I realized that most of my posts are about eating, something my cousin AC told me lol. Well anyways, we ate at Side Street Cafe in Costa Mesa today. It was yummy and we didn't even wait that long, I don't know what the reviewers at yelp were talking about long wait, I guess we just came at the perfect time! After, I went thrifting with Louise at Lincoln Thrift in Anaheim and I got some great stuff for 16 bucks. It was a pretty Zara-esque/Olsen twin kind of haul. I am definitely happy with my finds, even though I went over my budget by a couple dollars.

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