What did you do today?

Tranquil Tea Lounge in Fullerton: Dense flour-less choc. cake a la mode and two iced strawberry fresh teas

We woke up this morning partially hungover (partially because sadly when I drink, I usually get headaches the same night within an hour of drinking =/) went to Dim Sum with some friends and sought out to relax. It was/still is super rainy so we went to finally try out Tranquil Tea Lounge in Fullerton, it's such a cute place. I'm not that much of a tea person (anyone who knows me, know I love me some soda, but I gave it up for lent), but it was still good. The cake was yummy too! We also stopped at Mitsuwa to buy some rice. Bryan and I have this odd preference for eating short grain rice because it's stickier, if you don't really know the difference it's pretty much what they use for sushi. We also bought some premium meats and I'm excited to try it out for dinner. It's pretty much the same thing you buy at Anjin or any other Japanese BBQ restaurant. Now I'm typing away trying to figure out how to spend my short break.

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