Back to basics tops and shoes part 2

So here's the last part of my back to basics college edition post. This one includes tops and shoes. Here's the run down.

  • Blouses/Collared Shirts: I am obsessed with blouses and collared shirts. They're actually "trending" a lot these days, but they're really wearable in many outfits. They're light and come in an array of colors to choose from. They make outfits look very presentable and sophisticated. I really cannot get enough silk blouses or collared oxford shirts. I usually get them second-hand because there are so many at thrift stores for so much cheaper than retail stores. And if you're a petite girl like me, I bought my oxford shirts at thrift stores as well and bought some lightly used little boys oxfords. They fit perfectly!
  • Oversized T-shirts/Tunics: I love wearing oversized shirts because they are super comfy, especially during a three hour class. You can also wear them over leggings and paired with a cardigan, you're good to go. For petite girls, since I'm pretty short, some oversized shirts that I've bought actually fit as mini dresses so they're dresses and/or shirts. And for most petite girls, buying clearance items that are large or extra large or even medium can be instant oversized items.
  • Cardigans: Light cardigans are perfect for weird weather situations. Sometimes living in Southern California can be confusing, half the day it's slightly chilly, then the sun comes out and it's hot again, so it's good to wear something not too heavy. And since most classrooms have air conditioning it's always wise to wear a light layer over shirts just incase it gets chilly. This ALWAYS happens to me, so I pack or wear a light cardigan just in case.
  • Shirt Dresses: I actually don't wear these as much as I'm able to (because of the weather and all), but some of my friends make it a habit to wear these. They're super easy to put on in the morning since it's only one item. (It's also faster to pee lol).
  • Black Pumps: These are essential in every woman's wardrobe, no explanation needed.
  • Flats/Oxfords/Brogues: These are perfect when you can't walk around campus with heels on all day or you just don't want to wear sandals, but still want to look presentable.
  • Sandals: These are a must during the hot summery days of late spring.
  • Boots: I love boots in the winter because they keep my feet warm, and you can't see my warm fuzzy socks underneath.
So, these are pretty much what I would recommend from my experience as essentials, but there's always room for suggestions (*hint hint followers).

Also, here are some extras that I didn't add on the polyvore:
  • Slip dresses or basic tank dresses: These are my most used items, for sheer blouses or sheer dresses, I put these babies on and it makes such a difference. They're a necessity.
  • Silicon Pasties: Just because I hate wearing bras and since I'm petite I don't need the extra support of a regular bra all the time and I have the mentality that I'd rather stay flat than have bigger boobs with a bra on lol. I detest wearing bras, even the no wire ones from American Apparel, so I use pasties and they're really comfortable. Seriously, try it.
  • Insoles: They make my feet feel like heaven, especially after walking around campus all day.
Hope you guys enjoyed ;]


April Cheung said...

I would so wear those! I love oxfords and oversized airy tops! My favorite has to be those oxfords and the pink pocket top

Irunn2doorz said...

I need more basics like the ones you have put up! I will def. keep these in mind. Love this post!