Some random memory and thought blogging:
I can clearly remember being 6 years old in my room and looking at the clothes in my drawers and laying out my clothes on the bed to put together some sort of outfit for the next day. Apparently it was a little weird for a kid to be doing this because a babysitter use to watch me and ask my mom if this was normal and if I did this every day. I guess I've always had a strong connection to clothing. It's definitely something my mom and I bonded over. Since I was her only daughter at the time (I was the youngest for about 9 years, yeap life was sweet back then lol jk) she took me shopping with her and we bonded over clothes. I specifically remember waking up at 5am the day after thanksgiving to wait outside of Mervyn's just to get the best deals on clothes. This one black friday I remember gathering so many clothes to buy I couldn't even carry the bag, but I wanted to keep looking and my mom just told me leave the bag and go. I obviously was not cool with the prospect that someone could steal my clothes (but seriously what other 7 year old wakes up at 5 in the morning to go shopping, on a holiday at that, who would steal my clothes?!) Anyways, I was too scared that someone would get my goodies, so I just sat on the bag and watched people thinking they were eyeing my treasures. So I guess you can say, I love me some clothes and always have. I never had an older sister to grow up with and my mom wasn't exactly an expert at doing hair or putting together outfits so I learned things by myself, which has actually been a blessing. Being tiny didn't help either, since it made it that much harder to find things that actually fit. But my favorite will always be putting together outfits, it's a challenge I like to partake in on a day to day basis.

Anyone else have any random stories that are similar? I'd love to readdd about it and know that I wasn't the only lonely child spending precious playing time putting together my outfits.

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