• I am/was a fob, I was born in the US but quickly moved back to the PI until I was about 4/5 and go back every couple years or so. I love that I've been able to stay connected to my culture and family back home even though America is so keen on becoming a melting pot.
  • I am tiny and I like to use weird angles in photos to make me look normal sized
  • I blush like there's no tomorrow and I get even more embarrassed while I'm blushing so it's this continuous cycle that never ends until I crawl into a corner :p
  • Desert is my favorite part of any meal and I can't complete one until I have my desert, in fact, I'll often think of what desert I want before or during eating. I will stop eating or not finish the main course if I'm starting to get full just so I can eat desert.
  • At home I do this weird thing where after I eat something, I get more or less sick of eating it and continue on to something else to eat, even though I'm already full.
  • I have an addiction to drinking coke and I'm also very picky about how I want it, there's only so many people who understand but it's pretty much just a butt-load of ice with a cold can of fizzy coke. The colder the better.
  • I rarely finish a full sized candy bar, it takes me like a week to finish and most of the time I just forget about.
  • I make Bryan eat my last piece of any meal for reasons I don't even know, even if we're not sharing.
  • I love board games and I'm always down to play. Board games > alcohol.
  • I have had an addiction to La Choy Sweet and Sour Sauce for more than a decade (foreals!), this actually started after loving sweet and sour pork for longer. I eat it with almost every thing that I eat with rice. I'm Filipina, but I would rather have my Sweet&Sour sauce over any banana ketchup.
  • I eat with my hands, it's mostly from comfort, sometimes a fork is just so weird to use. I partly grew up in the PI so that's where I get it from.
  • I have a hard time finishing projects that I set out for myself, I either grow tired of doing the same thing or just get bored. I'm very happy that I get to finish most of my DIY projects though.
  • I have been blessed with the gift from the gods: almost-perfect skin, but I know I need to really get up on skin care routines so yesterday I finally bought my first daily facial scrub and spf moisturizer.
  • I am making this list because I like to procrastinate on reading for class :p

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Mel said...

LOL, I rarely finish the last bite of my meals, too!
I don't make anybody else eat it, though. Unless it was a special meal or an expensive one.

There's something about that last bite. Sometimes I get tired or bored of eating that meal, so I leave that part uneaten.