Maxi Maxi

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Urban Outfitters V-neck, Vintage heart necklace, H&M belt, Thrifted maxi skirt, Miu Miu heels

I am in love with this maxi skirt I found at a thrift store in Anaheim. It's a bit big but with a belt, it fits perfectly. I would advise most petites to use belts to make things fit like oversized skirts or oversized shirt dresses. It cinches your waist and gives you an actual silhouette. I think I bought it for around 2-3 dollars, which is amazing. The instant I saw it, I knew I had to have it and it reminded me a little of Zara for some reason. This is actually the first time I've ever worn this belt and I've had it for almost a year, bah! H&M is the perfect place for petites, they actually have waist belts that fit our tiny waists. And my most favorite part of this outfit is the shoes, my beloved Miu Miu shoes that I got for only $55 because they're second hand AND still in good condition. I found them at my favorite consignment store in LA, Wasteland. I feel like I always find treasures there every time I hop in. It's definitely not the same price range as thrift stores, but they do have designer brands and for $55 for a pair of really great Miu Miu shoes, it's a treasure trove. If you're ever in LA, you must must go there. And if you're not into second hand clothes, they also sell new clothes there so it's the best of both worlds.

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April Cheung said...

Wow that looks great on you! I cant wear maxi dresses though bc im short :/ hmm...maybe i can wear heels like you did with them...