Recent Thriftscores

Thriftscores: obviously a made up word that I like to use when describing my hauls from thrift stores. I've been on the hunt for some light weight tank tops for this summer and couldn't imagine spending $14 on just ONE tank top at H&M or F21. As cheap as those stores can get, you can always find better deals at thrift shops. I'd like to think trends in terms of recycling. They always come back, eventually even if it's from decades ago, so why wouldn't I try shopping at a thrift store for something that was in style years ago. Chances are you'll be able to find maxi dresses, maxi skirts, pleated skirts, silk blouses, etc. I find it amusing when I see girls buying $30/$40 silk blouses at H&M or Zara when they're the same exact blouses I've bought from Salvation army for a whopping $2-$5 each. Yeap, thanks to Salvation Army and Goodwill I have a cornucopia of silk blouses. There's a stigma with thrift stores that because it's second hand clothing you probably can't find trendy items (if you're into that), that is completely false. But my theory, anyway, is that since mostly every thing comes in one size and one style, you'll get a better sense of what your own style is. When you shop at retail stores, it's pretty much like someone's showing you what to buy and limiting you to what size, color and style they have on hand. I don't like that. I get such a creative satisfaction from picking out my own clothes and figuring out how to wear them. It's almost like a challenge to me, yeah, I'm way too deep into this whole style/fashion world lol. Anyways, here's what I got from my recent hauls: pleated maxi skirt ($4), Silk blouse ($3), Silk Tank ($3), Polka Dot blouse ($1), Peasant blouse ($3), Jimmy Choo sandals ($70).

These Jimmy Choo's were the highlight of my shopping haul this week, obviously. They were seriously as expensive as I get for shoes, but since they were in such great condition, fit pretty well, and were amazing, I had to get them. Considering they usually go for hundreds and hundreds of dollars, I saved a load. I got them at Crossroads and the other things I got at Salvation Army.


Mel said...

That maxi skirt looks great! And what a score on the Choos.

You definitely need to teach me how to thrift and thrift well.

Anonymous said...

haha! i like that world: thriftscores :D & great finds! can't wait for you to style them

Charisse said...

loove the pleated maxi skirt! great finds.