Madam Crochet

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Thrifted sweater, Thrifted crocheted dress, F21 slip, Vintage belt, H&M heels

I found this AMAZING crocheted dress from the thrift store, actually I got almost all of this outfit from the thrift store now that I think of it (I always surprise myself when I realize this hah). Anyways, another example of taking advantage of my size, this dress is actually a large crochet tank top, it cost me around $5, which is actually pretty expensive for thrift stores but it was worth it. I just wore a slip underneath and tah-dah, it's now a pretty crochet dress. I've been really obsessed with very frilly patterns and fabrics lately. The sweater is also a thrift item that I found, the thrift store was having a sale that day and it only cost me a $1! I was so happy I found it because recently I had been to Urban Outfitters and they were selling fisherman sweaters for $80, can you believe that? I couldn't, but I knew better. Thrift stores are PACKED with fisherman sweaters for so much cheaper. So if you don't want to hurt your wallet, try finding a thrift store. The shoes from H&M are actually fitted for 5.5 when they say 5, but I've learned that H&M shoe sizes are oversized for some reason.

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Kathleen Rhea G. said...

love crochet! great styling :D