New DIY skirt


Tonight I finally did something with an old XL men's Ralph Lauren shirt that I thrifted long ago. I made a simple skirt out of it to wear during the summer. I still have extra fabric too so I might reconstruct that into something or other. I'm happy it's finally summer but I still have tons to do in less than a week.

For petites, I really suggest learning how to sew. You might think it's hard, but it's really not (at least simple sewing like I do), trust me I am a terrible terrible clutz and even I can sew. Learning how to sew has also made me appreciate how things are made at retail stores and it actually makes me shop less since I'm starting to figure out how to make clothes and that I could easily remake what I like. Most basic skirts are really easy to sew and I know most petites can't find fitting skirts, so sewing them myself is much easier to do than trying to constantly find skirts small enough.


Pocketful of Apples said...

I would've never thought to recreate a men's button up shirt into a skirt. This is super cute! I love all the DIY projects you've posted. Keep up the good work. It's very inspiring!

TypicallyLulabella_ said...

Such a good idea, love the skirt!