OC Thrift Shopping

My list of thrift stores I usually go to:
  1. Salvation Army in Lake Forest
  2. Lincoln Thrift in Anaheim
  3. Goodwill Warehouse in Santa Ana
  4. Wasteland on Melrose
  5. Goodwill in Lake Forest

1. This place has the best pricing. It’s super cheap as is but whenever we go it’s usually having a sale like 10 pieces of clothing for $2 each, or 50% all clothing items. It really feels like a steal. I think it was usually renovated or at least they organized the store a lot better so it’s much more organized than before. The clothes are fairly clean (they usually smell like old woman, but that’s how most old clothes smell like ha). It’s kind of far since it’s toward the southern side of the OC, but it’s my favorite place to find things. They have a variety of stuff even though the store is pretty small.

2. I’ve only been to this place once, but I really liked it. It’s fairly large and there’s a lot of selection. It’s a bit more disorganized than SA but they have a lot of variety. The pricing is the usual thrift store pricing i.e. $1-2 for a blouse or $3-4 for a skirt. I rarely see items more than $5 unless it’s something really extravagant.

3. This place is exactly like it sounds. It’s probably a breeding ground for germs, but it’s a goldmine if you can somehow handle the insane disorganization and mess. It’s a huge warehouse with tubs and tubs filled with lots of clothes and accessories and other items. The really amazing part about this is that you buy clothes by the pound and I think it’s about $2~ a pound. My roommate found a vintage fur coat for super cheap. The clothes come dirty, clean and in between. It’s pretty much a free for all, but I’ve found a lot of fabric and project DIY pieces from this place.

4. This isn’t really a thrift store, more like a consignment store/retail store so the pricing is a bit on the high side. The great thing about this store is that there’s a lot of great designer pieces, but you still have to be willing to spend a chunk of change. I’ve gotten Miu Miu wooden heels for $55, so I deem it worth it once in awhile. It’s really clean and organized.

5. This goodwill is an average sized thrift store, there’s usually a lot of people there, which can kind of get annoying. It’s organization is ok, but the shoe area is a nightmare. The pricing is more than SA, it’s about $4-5 for a blouse, but they also have sales most days and you can get $1 items depending on what tags they have on sale that day.

So I hope this helped! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

*not ranked in specific order

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