Pleated Crop

Thrifted skirt and shirt, Kaya Boutique necklace, H&M heels

This pleated maxi skirt was from my last thrift haul and one of my most favorite scores. It's weird how fashion items come back to the present, it's even more weird when vintage items are much more stocked in thrift stores when these items come back to recent trends. I first thought this skirt might be a little big, especially since it was a size 6, but when I tried it on at home it fit perfectly. It was a happy surprise. For petites who may be afraid to wear maxi skirts or dresses because you might think it'll down you, I suggest the obvious, wear heels! You will look long and slender automatically. But if you're not into the heel business, I usually try to find maxi dresses that have empire waists so it doesn't look like you have a huge blob of fabric. Sometimes when my maxi dresses are too long, and it's a basic dress without an empire waist I usually use a belt to cinch my waist and gather up some of the excess fabric over my belt (if you can't imagine was I'm talking about, it pretty much looks like the maxi dress I wore in the previous post).


badaBAM said...

I KNOWWWW, where are you living next year? CONGRATS btw for grad! girrrll, i know you are tres petite, but yous curvyyy! wait are you in the 209?!

maja said...

thank you!

I like your pictures, too :)

bloo. said...

you look so cute, i'm in love with your long hair ;-))

bloo. said...

that skirt was a great find! I'm loving your blog - so many awesome DIY's ! my fave

xoxo danni

Anastassia said...

This maxi skirt is exactly the one I plan to do for my next DIY project.
Very beautiful!

Buky said...

Amazing Blog!