SD Foodie

As promised, here's some pictures (from the BF's site) of the foods we ate during our trip to SD. Looking at this pics makes me reminiscent of the food, can you tell I'm really into my food? I'm probably eating 90% of the time and (although it's not very lady like) I'm probably eating and talking almost half of the time I'm conversing with people. Mama didn't raise a girl with no appetite!

We gorged at Seau's, Hash House A Go Go, Hane Sushi and Extraordinary Desserts. That huge flat thing my friend May is showing off to Bryan is her pancake, yeap, all 2+ pounds of it, it's also an inch or more thick. I couldn't even wrap my arms around my waffle and the plate it was on. We shared three items between the three of us and had plenty of leftover. The hash plate (I forgot what it was called but it did have ground turkey, bacon and two eggs) was humorous just like the rest of the food there. I was really surprised at how everything tasted really good since it came in such huge portions, usually portion and the quality of food don't really go hand in hand.

Hane Sushi was also very good, all their fish was extremely fresh, which we all loved. Bryan couldn't get enough, as always. And Lastly, Extraordinary Desserts was amazing just like everyone says it is. It took us forever to order because there were so many things to choose from and they all looked so good. We ended up getting a baked apple tart (?) and a Mousse Chocolate cake. Obviously these aren't the real names because I just point to things I'm attracted to and not even read the names. I'm a person of impulse so it's good Bryan's there to think about decisions hah. Anyways I yearn to visit SD again and eat like a monster. If you haven't gone to these places, I suggest you do so now.

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