Thrifted shirt, Abercrombie shorts, Coach satchel, Ray Ban Aviators, H&M flats (not shown)

I finally updated! These were taken this weekend at FPAC (Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture), we ate some food truck snacks, watched my cousin perform and drooled over art pieces. Still working on PI picks, Bryan's still trying to edit all one thousand of them, I exaggerate of course. But he's holding them hostage until he has them perfect! Hopefully I get my hands on them soon. 

This is probably the only outfit worth mentioning if any, I've been lousy with outfits since starting school again and I think I'm still burnt out from undergrad. That and the fact that I JUST recently (aka yesterday) organized my clothes out of the bags they were in since moving, I've been LITERALLY living out of a suitcase for about 2 1/2 months now. It actually makes you realize how many clothes you can do without AND challenge your creativity with outfits, it was hard.

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April Cheung said...

love it! nice and casual


The Flightless Darling said...

lovely outfit! very casual chic for end of summer :) & i've never heard of FPAC before, but then again i'm a super 'white-washed' filipino lol

Mangotatoes said...

thanks guys!

And Kat! Don't feel bad I didn't hear about it until a week before the actual event and it's supposed to be the biggest FILAM event here in the states!