Jongewaards Bake and Broil

Urbanoutfitters top, Zara Girl trousers, Aldo heels, Vintage D&B sling, H&M necklace

Try saying that name out loud, it's pretty hard. Today we got to eat some lunch with some frands and this is what I wore out. I took a small break in between studying and cleaning the apartment for my parents (who are visiting tomorrow eeks!) We got into some deep convo's about Filipino parents, oh how it always ends up about Filipino parents lol. 

As per usual, I was too hungry to take pictures of the food at the restaurant but can rightly lead you to their yelp page. Their food is awesome, even though I wish they made waffles (but I'm just being a waffle fanatic, yes Bruxie is a dream come true)

I'm so amazed every time I go out and come up with outfit posts, I'm pretty awkward posing in front of the camera and have to force myself not to make some ridiculous face. Yes, these are Zara Girl trousers and I LOVE THEM and their price. It cost me a fraction of what the original style is in the women's department. As a petite tip, ALWAYS check the children's section at Zara. They have trench coats up and I am really loving them, even though I already have one I'm considering buying it because it's calling to me. Zara Girl was actually a HUGE tip I got from my big, Vy. She got a haul from Zara Girl last year and she swears by that store.   

Hope you guys enjoy! Photos by Hungryhuy

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The Flightless Darling said...

Always classy Mango :) & loving the stripes!!

Ps. I TOTALLY understand bout the whole 'Filipino parents' lol