Polka Polka

Vintage scarf, thrifted blouse, F21 cardigan, Abercrombie kids boys jeans, Steve Madden pumps

I randomly found this old style&co blouse at the thrift store one day and as soon as I got home bryan says "this looks like something my mom has, no I'm pretty sure she has this exact shirt." It kind of freaked me out a bit, but I guess shopping at a thrift store you run into and buy these kinds of things. I tried to make an outfit that didn't make me look like some granny and this is what I got. It's actually ironic mixing so many items from separate departments. The jeans are little boy jeans and I got them because they were on sale. Truth be told, these jeans are stiff as a rock, but I guess it makes sense because they're built to sustain major damage and I'm guessing whatever 12 year old boys do probably deals with a lot of damaging their clothes. As you can tell I shop randomly and pick whatever floats my boat at the moment and I pray that my wardrobe matches ha. 

I am also badgering bryan to get on those pictures from the vacation, but he's still have trouble with the coloring, something about photoshop distorting the images and the pictures not properly showing correctly once you upload them onto the screen, if anyone knows feel free to help us out ;]

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amy said...

I love
your style and your blog.


newest fan :)

hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *