St. Joseph's

American Apparel shirt, H&M shorts, vintage necklace, Steve Madden brogues, Coach satchel

This was pretty much my ONLY outfit post from the PI, yeah I know, almost 2 months there and this is all I can come up with. It was either too hot or, well really it was always just too hot to really dress the way I usually do here. My outfits composed of a loose tank and shorts. This was a pic right before getting a taxi to church one day. I had a bit of difficulty dressing for church most of the time because it's way more conservative in the PI churches than in the US, but adding the ridiculous 90 degree temperature and crazy humidity, finding appropriate outfits was a challenge. I believe this outfit was crossing the line a bit too lol.

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April Cheung said...

love the colors..

badaBAM said...

hottie... i wish i was in the PI chillin with your sweet ass