The Bottle Room

Thrifted women's blouse, Vintage belt, Bulldog jeans, Aldo shoes, Vintage Chanel bag

For Bryan's real birthday, we have a tradition of doing something with just us. This year, he wanted more sushi, well it's more like every year. We were supposed to head to LA, but got stuck in traffic just like every other sucker trying to get into the city. A half hour into the drive we were so hungry already and we knew it would easily take another 45 minutes, so we decided to just go to Whittier and check out The Bottle Room. We originally planned on going there saturday for his dinner but figure it would be too out of the way.  I was a bit over dressed to be going to a gastro pub at 5pm, especially in Whittier, but the place was a great place to take pics hah. The food was good, but for some reason our expectations were a bit higher. We were well fed though, and a bit drunk by the time we left that we had to sit in the car for awhile (I even took a 20 minute nap lol). 

If anyone wants to see the yummy food pics from The Bottle Room, Bryan uploaded pictures on his food blog --->>> HERE.

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Christina said...

Toooooooolle Bilder!

Pauline said...

You are so beautiful! Love your outfits! Had to follow your blog, love it!


Viv said...

i LOVE the way you did your hair in this messy bun. you really ear it well.. and of course i'm jealous of your chanel bag!

mishka said...

Omg, you are so beautiful !!!
everything about this outfit is amazing :)
definetely follow you now :)

Kendra said...

This post is perfect and so is your blog!
I've been a fan for a while now, keep it up :)

Say Hi to your newest follower!

Maybe you could check out mine and follow if you get time?


kathleen said...

another fantastic look, they're never ending! x

Mindy Erazo said...

really great outfit! Love the blouse. Fits you nicely.


char said...

I lovee your bag!