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H&M trench, skirt and SR pour H&M, AA lace bra, F21 wedges

One of the perks of being in art history is the random class discussions. Seriously, for example, today we had a 3 hour discussion on feminists on pornography. It was interesting to say the least. Some of the pictures were very graphic, but if you know me I'm pretty open minded and try not to judge subjects I know not too well or enough. In art, I think I can be open minded about a lot. Well, most things. 

Lately, I've been buried with research proposal deadlines and actually writing the papers themselves. It's a lot of work, but learning about topics on a deeper level is quite exciting. Right now I'm working on the project Womanhouse from 1972. It's a group exhibition led by Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro and their students from CalArts. These women did amazing work and I wish they never demolished the mansion they exhibited and made. If you're interested in feminist art whatsoever I suggest you go and visit the website that talks all about the project and the art they produced. Click Here

In other news, that has nothing to do with what I've been blabbing about, I finally entered the twitterverse! If you're really bored and want to see some more of my blabber on a day to day basis feel free to add me. Click Here. My twitter is mangotatoes. Duh. lol. I can't seem to be any more creative.

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M said...

Love your blog!! You've got such great style. Love it :)

<3 from San Francisco

Petite Avenue

CANDACE said...

love it !

mishka said...

Omg, wonderful look :)
This skirt is amazing,
hyped on lookbook :)

dina vanessa mercado said...

lovely outfit! sooo loved your necklace! enjoyed your blog.. following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too...


t said...

Cute outfit!

The Flightless Darling said...

Another lovely outfit Mango :) in loooove with that floral print! & I too like debating about femininity and art history, but I've never known about them together. I'll get a look-see soon!

xx Kat

Deasy said...

Adorable outfit and pictures. And love the spirally ring!

I took an art history class and we never had aaaany good discusssions. The professor was as stiff as cardboard. Oh well..


Bella said...

Love whole this look! and I love these photos!

Sabrilett said...

I loved this look! I actually loved your whole blog, following :)

grace h said...

hey girl! you're so cute! love this outfit~