Silence and Noise blazer, H&M blouse and heels, Coach satchel, Mom's diamond ring from the Philippines

This weekend was kind of exhausting, albeit that most of it was me sleeping. I was supposed to be studious and stay holed up researching for a paper, but somehow thought it would be a good idea to take a break and go to universal studios hollywood haunted horror nights. I'm one of those people that like to scare themselves silly, but usually half way into the movie I get woosy and hide behind my hands. That's pretty much what happened friday night. Holy shizz, it was so freaking scary. I didn't know what the heck I was in for. I have never seen grown men that scared too. It was really all fun and games. Definitely a good experience and the weird part was that I didn't get any bad dreams or get anymore freaked out that I usually do. The lines weren't that long, but I'm thinking it may be because it's earlier in the month. For some reason, each consecutive maze we went into got scarier and scarier until I had to stop halfway lol. Apparently I saved myself from Alice Cooper's maze that had snakes and huge spiders. I'm pretty sure Ron Weasley would have stayed behind with me if he knew that was coming lol. The night was a blast after we all got our hearts beating at a normal rate. I didn't get home until about 5am, which is why I was a bit off the whole weekend. 

Here's a couple of things I learned during friday night that might help fellow haunted horror night participants:
  • If you look somewhat annoyed or bored, the scary clowns with the chain saws will be less likely to come after you.
  • If you are huddled next to your boyfriend looking like you're going to pee in your pants, the scary clowns with chain saws will be MORE likely to come after you only to watch you pee in your pants.
  • If the scary clowns with the chain saws come after you and watch you pee your pants, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT run away, because then they will run after you watching you pee your pants.
  • The best way to make the line seem less long is buying a turkey leg and chomping down while you wait, seriously, this made me a happy girl.
  • There are always people willing to scare the crap out of you so don't let your guard down.
  • Each maze is literally like walking into the set of each scary movie you have ever watched, except it feels real. 
  • Even though people aren't allowed to touch you they get PRETTY close to your face, LIKETHISCLOSESERIOUSLY. 
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CANDACE said...

your blazer is pretty much to do die for! i have a silk one very similar to it... im going to do an outfit post on it soon! then we would be matching-ish? xx,

The Flightless Darling said...

Hey Mango! I've been well, just swamped with midterms :/ but loving the color of your blazer! & your Friday night sounded very exciting! I'm a scaredy cat myself but sometimes, I do like the occasional scare lol

Anacecilia said...

i love your sea foam blazer! and the classic coach bag is beautiful! i love the classic coach bags! i am a scaredy cat and hate to get scared! but if you do go into a hunted house and they sence you are scared they will come after you even more!

April Cheung said...

love the color of your blazer!

amy said...

I loved this post! It was whimsical, and silly fun!

You are beautiful! I love the lighting of your photographs..

The blazer= heavenly

hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *

kathleen said...

effortless chic, i love it. i also love that it looks like you're not wearing pants but it still looks so well put togeth. x

mestizay said...

perfect aquamarine blazer!!!
your style is so effortlessly chic!
I hope we can be blogger friends.

DailyGlamour said...

Nice dress ! Come to my page and if you love if follow me !