anniversary date

It's our REAL anniversary today and it's been a crazy 4 years. I can't believe I was only 18 way back when. Time flies. Today was pretty laid back since we already celebrated last weekend and here are the pictures! The first set is from Grand Central Market, they have an open air market with tons of food. If you're hankering for some Mexican food, this is the place apparently. We had dinner at The Little Next Door restaurant. It's a French cafe style, super cute place in addition to the waiters with real French accents. Bryan and I contemplated if our waiter was an actor just waiting tables on the side because 1. he was real pretty, like uber pretty I could never date you because you're prettier than me and 2. he was French lol. We asked for extra aioli with our fries, OMG, I am truly addicted to that stuff now. My 2nd most favorite condiment. After, my stomach needed dessert and it's been far too long since I've had some La Provence so we decided to visit the Beverly Hills one, which was a bit less welcoming than the one in Brentwood. Actually A LOT LESS welcoming. Definitely not going back there, but the macarons made up for it. I am now split between Lette and La Provence when it comes to macarons. We ended the night early because I was so tired, I actually knocked out at 9, wah? I don't think I got my French fix though, definitely need to go back to LA ;]


Carla Violet said...

aww happy anniv to you both... the food looks real yummy! this post just made me hungry and crave for french fries!

Maria said...

Wow these foods look yummy! I love macaroons as well!
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Jazmin said...

Those palmiers are looking so delicious!

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Sophie Loloi said...

omg love this post and photos makes me very hungry haha...but great blog!:) if you get chance please check out my blog, I'm just starting out and trying to get the word out about it more


MIRIAM said... good...! Now...I'm hungry...ihihhi! :-)
Cool blog!
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Bang and Buck said...

these are fab photos! happy 4th year together!


Bang & Buck

Erika said...

beautiful blog! I love your style and pics!!
I follow u, follow me please


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Bancroften said...

Aww sounds like an amazing date, I love doing stuff like this with my boyfriend.
And Macarons are possibly the world's best invention

istimeofus said...

happy anniversary! I really like your blog, your pictures are amazing! :D


M and C said...

looks amazing:)
fabulous blog!!

Mai said...

nice snapshots (; , congrats with you and your boyfriend seems like a nice day out (:

CMPang x