Cebu and Bea's Party

Here's a second set of our trip. This is from the first couple days in Cebu. It felt like FOREVER being in Manila and was finally glad when we came home to Cebu. 
  1. First family dinner at my Mama Inda's (my lola), that's my Lolo Key next to my dad, eating up a storm. (Talamban, Cebu)
  2. Me and my aunt in Asinan, Cebu visiting family
  3. Left: My sister excited to eat her sundae, wonder where she got that from? Right: Lordy's face when he wants more Starbucks lol 
  4. We miss these babies!
  5. Me, my Kuya, and cousins, reunited after 9 years! Can you believe this is only 4/100 of the cousins? (okay, more like 4/200)
  6. Family dinner at Asinan with my ate Mabel in the back
  7. Nic, John and baby Lordy (with his begging face lol), can you believe he's only a toddler?! 
  8. Left: My little cousin had fireworks at her 7th birthday WTF? Right: Lechon, where it's at. 


NerdGlasses said...

I'm holding a giveaway
It's a YSL ring!

Katherine said...

All the food looks delicious! I'd love to visit Cebu one day...!

CINDY NGO said...

how fun! it must be exciting to be reunited with your extended family! :)

cindy - design3rd

Melissa Tchieu said...

What a BIG FAMILY!! so much fun & love <3
Cebu's great from ur photos!

cat and the choir said...

amazing amazing photos! so nice to see your family!