Cebu Pt. 2

These pics were taken during one of my aunt's birthday parties in a clubhouse in Cebu (I forgot the name whoops). Here's a collage of cute babies during that day. Seriously, I have the cutest nieces/nephews/grandnephews&nieces evar. 


Erika said...

beautiful pics!

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vintage process said...

Great pictures! I love it!!

Love Sushi and Fashion said...

Great pictures. I am following your lovely blog now! <3<3

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Wow great pictures! : ) And by the way your header is amazing.

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Cookie said...

so nice photos!
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lindsey said...

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ps. the kiddies are precious!

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Teeney said...

lovely pictures, looks like a lot of fun!


- teeney

Anna said...

You sure do :) My sister had a daughter this year called Delilah and she is the cutest little thing ever so I know the love you have for nieces and nephews!! looks like you all had a tonne of fun for your Aunts birthday :)

Anna xo

Kiki Janku said...

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the 1st pic is breathtaking!

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Raquel T.G. said...

Such an amazing place and pics!! :) they're lovely!

Ambyr said...

The kids are adorable.


lyz said...

these are so adorable. following your blog!


Mónica C. Welton said...

Awesome pics!!!


Clara Turbay said...

it´s great.

Alison said...

They certainly are adorable. And Cebu looks beautiful, especially since snow is on the horizons of where I am.

hausofchic said...

Just stumbled on your blog, you take amazing pictures!

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LV said...

Beautiful photos! I just love them!

A_lot... said...

i love your blog and your photos
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Ellen H. said...

Cebu looks friggin BEAUTIFUL!


ilovetrina said...

wow cebu!! :)

hi there filipina? x

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ilovetrina said...

I just followed you btw :)

lovely blog x

I V Y said...

oh my god these are so beautiful!

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Wrinkle In Time Vintage said...

What gogeous photos! Looks like an amazing place to go, your photos make it feel like I'm really there :)

-Laura xx

Lidiya said...

Gorgeous photos, it looks so much fun <3

tessa said...

awwwww so cute :)

Vicki said...

what little cuties! looks like such a fun day :) x

.sabo skirt. said...

This place looks interesting. The view is so nice.
Nice shots and lovely photos.
Indeed your nieces and nephew looks cute.:)

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

gorgeous photography!

Clélia said...

Amazing blog <3 <3