A Food Life

I apparently have sporadic blogging disease. Life has been hectic lately mainly because of midterms. But those are about done this week and papers and papers galore is coming up next in my agenda! Here's a random instagram collage of what I've been doing besides studying.
  • mid day break with frands for lunner. 
  • Potato Corner in the US! WUT, so happies that it's here. It makes coming back to the states from the PI a little better.
  • Finally got to try Hole Mole, these are the carne asada fries. Wish the fries were a bit crispier.
  • Also tried Mama D's in Newport, yummy pizza!
  • The BF bought me a pumpkin pie I've been eating nonstop since last week. It's a ritual to eat a piece after every meal now. 
  • Pics from last night's meal at Slater's 50/50 restaurant. SO GEWD! I made my burger with half beef/half pork, garlic aioli, brie cheese, tomatoes, and baby greens on a warm brioche. I'm still dreaming about it!
  • Me and BF during his bday dinner earlier last month. I believe this was taken at Wurstkuche in LA. So gewd. We were definitely intoxicated by the time we took these.
Basically life's been about food and having good times, with breaks of studying in between lol. 

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