Manila, Our Lady of Manaog Shrine

After almost 4 months, I've finally got a hold of some pictures from our trip this summer to the Philippines. These are pics from our time in Manila, we stayed there our first week. This set is from our visit to Our Lady of Manaog in Pangasinan. All I really remember from that day is waking up wayy too early and being hot and sticky during mass. The church was where a miracle happened and of course I forgot the story about it, lolz. I did enjoy the church museum, which had historical garb of the previous Virgin Mary capes and other wear (it also had air conditioning!). The restaurant we ate at was a floating restaurant made out of bamboo and you got to feed coy fish when you were done! There were tons of fish as you can see, it kind of freaked me out. My sisters were pretty pumped though.

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Anonymous said...

Hi dear,
I just came across your blog through Rumi's and what a lovely surprise, you have a very nice blog going on too!
Def. worth the follow!

nik said...

Hi, your blog is inspiring! You are a very interesting person. I will follow you!