tim miller

thrifted sweater, custom My Queer Body (referencing Tim Miller) shirt, Abercrombie jeans, boots

Pics from when we went to eat at Porto's the other day. AMAZING, love their food! This shirt was custom made by one of my team members during a presentation in my art censorship class. It's amazing. The title is from Tim Miller's work My Queer Body, which was a performance he created based on his experience growing up as a gay man. It's a bit of humor mixed in with a lot of serious issues. Miller was also a part of the notorious NEA 4, which were a group of artists that had their grants from the NEA (the National Endowment of the Arts) taken away because their work was deemed obscene, aka it took on issues of sexuality, gender and criticized how society dealt with these issues.

If you're interested in watching Miller's performance, here it is:

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Sabrilett said...

I totally loved this look <3 I LOVE shorts and tights and your boots are amazing <3

April Cheung said...

such a cute and casual look <3

Wida said...

You're so freaking gorgeous!

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Beantown's Barbie said...

Cute outfit! Love the laid back look


Natalie Koltunovskaya said...

Nice outfit!

Femme Virtue said...

love the casual outfit! Xx

I AM ROBOT said...

the lighting in these photos is beautiful, lovely casual outfit!

i am robot

little. said...

love it!!


.sabo skirt. said...

We love your outfit. It is simple and chic.

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Mónica C. Welton said...

amazing outfit. well chosen!


tessa said...

i absolutely love those boots!

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Anna said...

I love everything about this look and in fact will have to use this as some style inspiration. It looks so comfy and chic at the same time - p.s Id never heard of Tim Miller before but watched some of that clip! I like his style but could see him being quite controversial!

Anna xo


Beauty Follower said...

Great tee!

aki! said...

I love your outfit. I think the chunky knit is great with the jean shorts.

the gorgeous said...

great look, confy and hot! love the cardigan's fall! ♥

Lucija said...

If you judge a person by their blog, then you're awesome!!


Monse Fuentes said...

you rock girl!


devorelebeaumonstre. said...

so pretty.. love your boots! xo

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Annabel said...

you are gorgeous! consider me obsessed with your blog :)


JustPatience said...

Great and chic look. Love the sweater.


Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

Love it rockstar

Paper Doll said...

you are super cute! obsessing over your style and that shirt. great story behind it. love your blog!

love kelly


Katherine said...

Gorgeous look! Love the shirt and the food looks yums :)

Tiffany said...

Great blog! Your photos are so beautiful..& you're very pretty!

Amanda said...

I LOVE your sweater - seriously, I'm crazzzzy about it!!! What an amazing thrift find! :) Also love that tee - what a cool concept - I'd love to have one too - can I find it online?
Gorgeous photos as always - you look beautiful :)

Barbara Scarlett Brayovic said...

amazing style

Clélia said...

Love your blog <3

Vania said...

I just loved your look... for real! I'll travel to Cali next month and I'm totally inspired to use something like that on my trip... great blog!


grace h said...

great outfit! i love your blog. totally following now~


Ayley said...

that is the most amazing shirt i've ever seen in my life.

also your blog rocks.

sooz said...

love the photos, and the look!! very cool.



Really love that over sized sweater , looks so cozy and it gives a laid back look to your outfit <3

xx Ellena

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your thrifted sweater, such a cool find!

April Lyn

the suit for dreams.

Jinna Boo said...

love your sweater <3


Soraya said...

this post has given me hungry! haha
I like the shirt:)

prince puja said...

Love the boots! And you're so cute =D