Adore Me Review

The lovely people at Adore Me contacted me awhile back asking if I was interested in reviewing one of their pieces. Adore Me is a lingerie company and website that works similar to companies who give their customers a consultation through a quick style quiz to match their customers with the perfect lingerie pieces. Each month you get a new collection to choose from and each lingerie set is $39.95. 

In the beginning I was a bit iffy about trying this out, specifically because I'm not a lingerie type of girl. I'm all comfort when it comes to under garments, but I do love pretty things! Being a college student, I don't necessarily have the means to buy lingerie on a regular basis. $40 can be considerably cheaper than other products in lingerie stores. Here are some of my thoughts on the product.
  • Quick delivery
  • Lots of choices
  • I love the design of the piece I chose
  • Team is very responsive to inquiries
  • You are not contractually tied to buying something every month, just whenever you feel like it. 

  • Quality is not as good as I would like it to be
  • Sizing is a bit off. The bottoms were very loose on me, so I would not necessarily recommend this to petites. 
  • The box it came with was not as sturdy and I would have liked and it got squished in the mail, and so did my pieces.

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