Anjolee Review: Eternity Ring

A couple weeks ago, Anjolee Jewelry contacted me about reviewing one of their pieces. Of course, I said yes and chose an eternity ring with garnet and cubic zirconia gemstones. I was quite impressed by the packaging as it came with a wooden mahogany box. The ring itself is quite elegant and simplistic. The perfect ring to wear for the every day outfit or a classic LBD.

One of the special things about Anjolee is that they allow, and even encourage, customization! The amount of variations for one piece are endless. I would definitely recommend this for petites, like myself, who have a hard time finding bracelets or rings for their tiny fingers and wrists. The price is a bit steep for student, but if I had the money I would invest in some amazing pieces. It'll be on my bucket list in the future. If you have the means and are interested, the response and production time for each piece is ridiculously fast. They respond to inquiries in a timely manner and are so helpful! This piece is definitely my new favorite. 

As you can see by my photos, the outcome is beautiful. 

They also customize anniversary rings for women, bridal set ring, and tennis necklace if you want more options. 

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(disclaimer: This review is based on purely my own opinion)

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