May Flowers

H&M jacket, Zara girl dress, Breckett boots, Target socks, vintage bag and accessories

Hi Everyone! It's definitely been one long hiatus! I've been neglecting blogging lately, but I'm finally back. School has been pretty busy and finals are in a couple weeks, so I'll probably be back hibernating in a few days. ;] 
The sun came out last week and I thought it was the perfect time to bring out this dress. I bought it from Zara Girl, yep, from the girl's department. That department is like a gold mine for petites. It's a lot less cheaper and still has the same quality. Two birds with one stone! It was a perfect match with my vintage leather backpack I got awhile back at the Rosebowl flea market for only $20, thanks to my haggling bf lol .
I'm definitely excited for this summer, I've got some adventures planned and I can't wait! How's everyone's last weeks of school? 

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