Le Creperie

And here begins the many eating adventures I will encounter this summer! I've been meaning to try Le Creperie for awhile since we moved here. Every time we go down to bustling 2nd street for a stroll, I've noticed a abundance of people congregated at that particular restaurant. So, as I finally turned in my last term paper, I thought to get brunch. We got there a couple of minutes before they opened so we were lucky we didn't have to wait for a table for long. The environment was parisian romance, with a bit of a can-can vibe. We ended up ordering waffles, I have a huge Belgian waffle addiction (need to try EVERYWHERE!), and also a ham and cheese savory crepe. All in all, I wouldn't necessarily pin it down as my favorite spot, but it's worth a try at least once. I want to try some sweet crepes next time.

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