Alegria Cocina Latina


These are photos from a month ago, eekk, bad blogging. Well, at least they're up now. We've been living in LB from almost a year now and we're still trying to explore our little playground. Food is definitely our tool for exploration and happy hour seems like our new best friend. Last month, we tried out Alegria Cocina Latina, a Spanish Tapas restaurant. I love the decor, especially the exposed bricks. Apparently during Tuesday nights there are free tango lessons given in the bigger dining area, but sadly, our adventure-bug isn't that big lol. The food was pretty good, a bit of spice and different kinds of sauces. Happy hour prices are definitely easier on my wallet (all appetizer Tapas are half off). If you're interested in checking this place out, here's what we got: Pa Amb Tomate al Horno, Croquetas de Carne and Albondiga Casera.  

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