Portland: Voodoo

Hello again! Thought I'd finally upload the rest of my trip from earlier this summer. After Toronto and New York, I hopped on a plane to Oregon to visit family! Of course, one of the first places we stopped by was Voodoo Doughnuts. I was definitely excited to try this place out after hearing about it for awhile. We picked out the famous maple bacon bars (yum!), Captain Crunch, and I'm afraid I forgot the  rest of the names (but if you know, feel free to remind me). On our way back home we decided to take some back for our friends and family, let me tell you, I have never been so territorial over food in my life! I received a lot of eye envy and got a lot of comments from salivating onlookers. Definitely a neat place to try if you're visiting! 

Ps. I've started school again, so get ready for more sporadic blogging. Hopefully I'll be able to upload more photos from my trip, I've got tons! 

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